• 27Aug
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    Jeanne Beker of Fashion Television celebrates 30 years on Television

    Read Melissa Hank’s TV Guide article Canada’s first lady of fashion

    FashionTelevision airs Sundays at 5:30 p.m. EST on CTV. (2009, Canada)

    Toronto, Canada


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  • 26Aug
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    In a manner of style reminiscent of a First Lady

    For the past several months, Michelle Obama has been getting a lot of fashion-oriented press. Many written articles and media commentaries have mentioned her style and fashion sense and in this context, several writers have asked the question: “Is Michelle Obama a fashion icon?”

    Prior to 2008, Michelle Obama was not particularly visible in the news media as a symbol of style and fashion sensibility. She was not a media personality in any genre linked to fashion and her general life background was not of the sort that would typically cause someone to become fashion news-worthy.

    Ms. Obama was neither previously a spokesperson for a well-known fashion label, nor was she a runway model. She was neither a movie star, nor a music star. Actually, even now, Michelle Obama is an outsider to the real business of the fashion industry. However, as a First Lady, she is a very popular public figure, and that changes everything.

    Historically, we have come to expect any First Lady of the United States of America to dress fashionably well and Michelle Obama is not exempt from this expectation. After all, everyday she has to walk the “runways of public life” with many eyes and cameras from around the world, focused on her.

    Fashion icon or not, many of us would agree that Michelle Obama, current First Lady of the United States of America, dresses herself fashionably well.

    Bless her and bless her style.

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